About Us

The Damian Roofing Company Long Island is a company that specializes in Roof Repair and Replacements. We are a owner run and operated business that was originally inspired to serve the Long Island community with Roofing solutions that push the standards to a new level.

Over the years we have come to realize that there is a huge lack of quality when people are shopping for their entire roof replacement. Being a homeowner myself, we have taken note of every single problem that one faces during the shopping phase, and then problems that they face once it is installed. Simply put: There always happens to be some kind of minor or large problems that takes place once an entire roof is replaced.  Problems that can be easily solved if it is done by professionals who know the A-Z functionality of a roof and how it goes together with every other part of the home. To solve this issue once and for all we have Introduce The Damian Roofing System – a system that does more than what a roof is commonly known to do, it becomes a part of your daily living and affect the way your house functions.

We are proud to have this available to our customers today, a lasting 3 decade Home renovation upgrade that is clean to revolutionize the reliability of your entire home. Though we have an to specialize in several author Home renovations such as Window replacement and gutter systems – We are most proud off our solution in roofing.

Being brought up and raised in New York, I’ve seen everything that a house can go through due to the harsh weather combined with 180 degree temperature turns as summer and winter comes. To be truly able to look at your home as an asset other than the liability, You have to have a system in place that you can rely on no matter what happens on the outside – that is what we offer.

About Us - Damian Roofing Company Long Island